Live in Peace. Discover Yourself. Define Your God.
Adult Coloring and Activity Journal
Re-Invent Your Self-Identity
Make Peace with Yourself
Manage Your Anger
Improve Your Self-Esteem

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Adult coloring and activity journal, From Dust to Essence, is designed to heal, strengthen the spirit, improve mental health, and explore your inner self.
  • Coloring Pages Inspired by Zen Doodles and Tattoos
  • Map Out Feelings and Coping Strategies in Psychology Worksheets
  • Finish-the-Sentence Journal Prompts
  • Overall Focus on Healing and the Spirit
While spiritual components were inspired by Christianity, the 7 Heavenly Virtues, Zen, and the Tao, the book itself has no real religion and instead lets the reader define his/her own religion and spirituality. For instance, instead of saying who God is, it asks you to think about who God should be.
Topics of focus include redefining yourself with the Tao's Uncarved Block (Pu), letting go of material things and emotions based on Buddhism, creating an anger mantra, discovering what is amazing about yourself, improving relationships, and finding inner peace.

"I am a clinical psychotherapist and so very excited to add this to my therapy toolbox. Many clients feel strongly about integrating their religious or spiritual beliefs into their treatment. This book is full of thought provoking activities, journal prompts, and inspiring images, all of which encourage next level thinking and self reflection. I absolutely love it and highly recommend it."